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Need to weigh your travel luggage?

  • Why balance on a bathroom scale?

  • Or weightlift with a hand-held scale?


    Introducing WallaWeigh, the wall-mounted scale that makes weighing luggage and other heavy items far more manageable.
    • Backlit digital display for easy reading

    • Mounts to any vertical wall

      (hardware included)
    • Constructed of a high-impact nylon for long-lasting performance

    • StrongArm™ folds down with receded area to accept luggage handle

  • Deploy WallaWeigh’s arm and hang heavy luggage or duffel.

  • Mount WallaWeigh to any convenient wall.
    (hardware included)

  • Backlit digital readout weighs up to 100 lbs in 1/10 lb increments

  • No more using bathroom scales or back-breaking hand-held scales.

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